« ...une revue de cinéma, où ceux qui font des films donneraient de temps en temps leur position, comme des navires de commerce divers sur l’océan... » (extrait d’une lettre de Jean-Luc Godard à Jean-Pierre Rassam, 1977)
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Video For The End Of Time

Film de Roy Samaha, 2005/2006

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I made this video while I was a working as a news cameraman/editor for ABCnews, during the war on Lebanon 2006, I always kept my pocket video camera with me during my various journalistic assignments.
"Between three and four in the morning, the awakening of birds, a solo blackbird or nightingale improvises, surrounded by a shimmer of sound, and by a halo of trills lost very high in the trees. A long phrase on the cello, infinitely slow, magnifies with love and reverence the eternity of this powerful and gentle word, “which the years can never efface”. Clarinet solo. The abyss is time, with its sorrows and its weariness. The birds are the opposite of time. They are our desire for light, for stars, for rainbows and joyful songs !" Olivier Messiaen, notes about "Quartet for the End of Time".
I know nothing has ever lasted but the gaze into which it all burns.
I know nothing has ever escaped the burning

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